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Why a Shagya-Arabian?

The breeding goal of a Shagya-Arabian is to produce a versatile athlete suitable for all levels of competition, while maintaining horses that have a kind and willing attitude.


Interested in the versatile sporthorse that is a Shagya-Arabian? We have history, breed information and a database of our horses.
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There are specific requirements to be approved for Shagya-Arabian breeding and be included in the approved Mare or Stallion books
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Performance is key for the Shagya-Arabian. We promote performance testing and have details on the horses who have met the criteria.
Learn more about what qualifies a Shagya-Arabian for the Specialty Program


Inspections are an important piece of the Shagya-Arabian breed. To be registered for breeding horses must pass a breed inspection with certified judges
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There are awards for Shagya-Arabians in a variety of disciplines and levels.
Learn more about our awards program and what Shagya-Arabians can do

News and Photos

Always the most fun - the photos of our Shagya-Arabians at work or leisure plus our most recent organizational news
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