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Line up of Award Winning HorsesThe relationship between horse and rider is unique – there are moments of joy, sacrifice and accomplishment.

Whether you are competing at the international level, local events or someone who just loves Shagya-Arabian horses, PShR is here to help you make the most of those moments.

Your Shagya-Arabian Horse holds your heart, join PShR and share your special relationship with these unique, wonderful horses.

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PShR expands your opportunities to learn about and enjoy your horses and provides a network of owners, breeders and horses from around the world. PShR is an official registry of the International Shagya-Araber Gesellschaft (ISG)

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There are opportunities available to serve on various PShR committees to suit what interest you. Attend the annual meeting and educational forum. Think about serving on the PShR Board of Directors. Show your support of PShR and shop our on-line store for PShR items and clothing.


As part of its mission, the Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry offers a variety of awards to its eligible members that recognize achievements of PShR registered horses in various horse disciplines, currently including Competitive Driving, Competitive Trail, Endurance, Dressage, Eventing (Horse Trials), Hunter/Jumper, Limited Distance, and Sport Horse In-Hand.

Performance testing

Right from the outset, performance testing was regarded as essential and the PShR is committed to insuring that performance testing remains part of the inspection process. PShR upholds the high standards and correct implementation of the ISG breeding guidelines to North America and prides itself in combining the traditional testing procedures used worldwide with modern standards including the Interior test and mare performance testing. Testing provides valuable information for breeders seeking appropriate breeding stock, as well as documented information for buyers seeking accurate information when selecting the perfect riding horse. Our judges are internationally respected and impartial. Save money on Inspection fees as a member.


The Shagya-Arabian horse is truly one of the most beautiful, versatile, and important breed-improver in the world. We are proud of its past, present, and future—and we are eager to share that with you. Your membership can help “preserve, promote, and perpetuate the breed” for generations to come. Your membership not only supports PShR, but assures you a role in attaining that mission. Be sure to join us! PShR is looking forward to having you on our team. The current membership form and fee schedule are included to get you started.