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ISG RZBO - General Studbook Regulation Framework

The ISG Rahmenzuchtbuchordnung (RZBO) is the framework for the entire Shagya-Arabian breed as the ISG is the umbrella organization for all the individual member registries. The ISG-RZBO was approved in 2007 by the Internationale Shagya-Araber Gesellschaft (ISG) Assembly of Delegates during the annual delegates meeting in Kabiuk, Bulgaria. This document outlines the breeding requirements established by the ISG to define and establish breeding guidelines for the future of the Shagya-Arabian worldwide. The ISG is recognized by WAHO (The World Arabian Horse Organization). The RZBO criteria outlines the minimum requirements that must be met by each breeding society in their individual studbooks.


Performance Shagya-Arabian Breeding Guidelines


The Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry breeding guidelines, as are all the member registries and their respective breeding guidelines, are referred to as the Zuchtbuchordnung (ZBO) which means the breeding book. The PShR Breeding Guidelines were overwhelmingly approved in July, 2012 at the ISG Assembly of Delegates in Vienna, Austria in addition to the acceptance of the Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry as an ISG member. The PShR-ZBO not only aligns strictly with the ISG-RZBO, the PShR has some of the highest criteria in performance testing within the ISG.

The following are links to the PShR-ZBO studbooks summary charts:

PShR-ZBO Stallion Book Summary Chart

PShR-ZBO Mare Book Summary Chart

In addition to the breeding guidelines for the approval of Shagya-Arabian breeding stock, the PShR recognizes registered geldings and Shagya-Sporthorses. These books align with the standards and concept of the ISG-RZBO, but are neither required nor recognized by the ISG. The Gelding and Shagya-Sporthorse books are unique to the PShR to acknowledge the virtues of the Shagya-Arabian in competition and as an improver outcross to other breeds.

PShR-ZBO Gelding Book Summary Chart

PShR-ZBO Shagya-Sporthorse Summary Chart


Additional Breeding Policies:

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ISG Policy for the use of Frozen Semen

PShR Policy for the use of Frozen Semen or Embryo Transfer

PShR Policy for the placement of Licensed Stallions or Mares from other ISG Registries into the PShR