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The Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry has built a solid foundation that celebrates all achievements with our Shagya and Shagya-bred horses. We recognize both the competitive performers and the ambassadors that represent this great breed. The breeding goal of a purebred Shagya or Shagya-bred horse is to produce a versatile athlete suitable for all levels of competition, while maintaining horses that have a kind and willing attitude. Shagyas originated in the Bablona Stud farm in Hungary. As a primary goal, these horses were bred to be the highest quality for use in warfare by kings, high ranking officers and nobility. The horse had to be extremely rideable to attain this status. A second stated goal for the Shagya was as a breed improver. In other words, Shagya breed stock was required to be of such a refined quality that crossing with a Shagya would result in breeding-quality offspring that was “better” than either parent. To achieve these two goals, the Hungarian breeders were ruthless in their assessment of Shagya stock. They tested the animals extensively under saddle in the arena, in the field and at war.

The responsibility of Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry is to ensure the continued integrity and legacy of the Shagya and Shagya-bred horses in North America. For us, performance testing is the modern day equivalent of “in the field” and “at war.” Performance testing is not a new concept to the members of the PShR. We all strongly believe in the development of a purpose-bred riding animal. We achieve this development through performance riding criteria and by using these criteria as the deciding factors when choosing breeding stock and planning future generations. A registration is only the first step in qualifying as a breed stock in our registry. We license horses to breed after they have achieved a specified level of performance. Most of the major riding disciplines are represented in our performance testing processes. If we don’t have the criteria in place for your chosen sport, we invite you to help us develop additional performance standards. PShR is a member of the Swiss Shagya Database. To see updates, additional information and progeny list for the PShR horses you can go to the database website:

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