2015 Award Honorees


In recognition of their accomplishments, Champions were awarded PShR logo merchandise.

Dressage Training Level
Champion: Marilyn Weber & H. WineGlass Sangria

Dressage First Level
Champion: Rachel Boyce & H. WineGlass Gideon

Champion: Alex Uspenski & Marton
Reserve Champion : Brian Coss & Lily Creek Stetson
Honorable Mention: Carol Federighi & Lily Creek Legacy
Honorable Mention: Dale Scoville & Ninja PFF

Limited Distance
Champion : Marty Power & SA Te Jat
Reserve Champion : Chris Power & WineGlass Debonair
Honorable Mention: Olivia Rudolphi & WineGlass Syrah

Competitive Trail
Champion: Beth Rudy & WineGlass Dora
Reserve Champion: Holly Kemmis & WineGlass Remeny (tie)
Reserve Champion: Nicole Mauser-Storer & H. WineGlass Pik George (tie)

Shagya Ambassador
Champion: Holly Kemmis & WineGlass Vino and WineGlass Remeny
Reserve Champion: LIsa Fiano & Szigrid AF
Honorable Mention: Linda Rudolphi
Honorable Mention: Olivia Rudolphi

High Point Rider
Champion: Holly Kemmis

Meritorious Sire
Champion : Linda Rudolphi, *Budapest